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14th International VHL Medical/Research Symposium In evidenza

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14th International VHL Medical/Research Symposium

October 29-31, 2020 the Netherlands

The Netherlands, October 2020 Welcome to the 14th International VHL Medical Research Symposium, which was supposed to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has moved to a Virtual format this year.

 We are really excited by the enthusiasm this research community has generated during the nearly three decades of these biannual meetings. It was spectacular that the work in part was recognised by the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine to our Keynote speaker Bill Kaelin, together with esteemed colleagues Gregg Semenza and Peter Ratcliffe. The last two years have seen enormous advances in both understanding the molecular events consequent to VHL inactivation, as well as clinical understanding and treatment of VHL manifestations. We are looking forward to the presentation of new data, that will enable VHL-mutation carriers lead normal lives, and generate insights into the fascinating molecular role that VHL plays in cells. On behalf of the entire organising committee, enjoy the meeting! Rachel Giles, Chair of the Dutch VHL Organisation and Thera Links, Chair of the Dutch Working Group for VHL Specialists

14th International VHL Medical/Research Symposium Presentations - 2020

Documentazione del 14° Simposio Internazionale di ricerca sul VHL

Symposium Book




Modelli Scientifici

Nuovi Approfondimenti sulla Biologia VHL - parte 1

Nuovi Approfondimenti sulla Biologia VHL - parte 2


Portare VHL in clinica - parte 1

Portare VHL in clinica - parte 2



Genetica e Oltre, parte 1

Genetica e Oltre, parte 2

Le Manifestazioni Endocrine - parte 1

Le Manifestazioni Endocrine - parte 2


Ablazione percutanea dei tumori renali nella malattia di von Hippel LIndau

Costituzione di un  database VHL nazionale brasiliano

Difetti ematologici e vascolari in un modello di mutazioni VHL nulle e di tipo 2B

Interazioni delle cellule endoteliali degli astrociti nella malattia VHL

L'inibizione della lisina demetilasi 4A salva l'aploinsufficienza 3p

VHL Alliance Russia presente e futuro